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The American Environmental Geographic Information System (AEGIS) is a geography-based system containing environmental-related information. The information is organized by state and presented as layers, where layers are groups of geographic objects that are alike. Examples of layers are:
State Boundaries, County Boundaries, Waterways, Impaired Waterways, Land Use, Photographs, Water Monitoring Sites, Water Montoring Results, Parks, Migatory Bird Routs, Chemical Use, Discharge Sites, NPDES Sites, and many more.

Layers of information are specific to each state and are in various stages of development. These layers of information are placed on a map, along with other environmental information. County boundaries or roads can be added to help the user identify where the information being displayed is located geographically.

The Alabama EGIS was developed by Friends of Rural Alabama and given to JSU in a effort to establish an environmental GIS Center, to begin the creation of AEGIS, and to offer the information to anyone with internet access. It is the most advanced of the databases.

AEGIS offers a considerable amount of information free to the public, and in many cases, the information is being offered for the first time. It is also being used to advance the GIS and environmental academic programs, where new courses of study are being developed, and the information is available for student projects and faculty research.

Each state's EGIS is preceded with its state's abbreviation. The Alabama EGIS is ALEGIS. JSU will work with state contacts to add layers to their state EGIS.
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