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Delivering GIS information to the users has two basic approaches.
  1. The first approach is the fully functioning Desktop GIS where the system is installed on the userís computer, and the user needs licenses for all the required software. This approach, for the current and basic AEGIS, begins with some 25 layers of information, where the user can view any or all these layers at the same time. With these large files residing on the userís computer, viewing the layers has minimum load time. The user can easily import additional layers of data, as maps or ASCII files from spreadsheets joined to the layers.
  2. The second approach is to modify the desktop so that it can be offered over a website. Modifications include the loss of GIS spatial analyses, the imagery layer, and much of the interactive capability. AEGIS uses the latest server technology, ArcGIS Server, as offered by its GIS software vendor, ESRI. Website GIS is best viewed with high speed internet connections such as DSL, cable, or fiber.
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