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After clicking on an active state, the next page will show the map of that state and give you two choices: view maps or download data. Viewing maps is done by clicking on the text or the map.

The next page is one of the same map with a list of four options on the left hand side. Click on the Map Contents down arrow. This shows a box with a plus symbol, a box with a check symbol, and a line that says...(state)EGISindex. Clicking on the check symbol turns the map on and off. Clicking on the plus symbol provides a drop down list of the information layers available. Move your cursor to the top of the brown box option at the bottom of the drop down list until the cursor is a double arrow. Left click, hold, and drag down to expose the entire drop down list for EGISindex.

Clicking on the box to the left of the layer name turns that layer on and off. A check mark symbol inside the box indicates that the layer is on. Clicking on the plus symbol to the left of the layer name provides a drop down showing the symbol that depicts that layer.

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